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Zhangjiagang Huade Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a plastic pipe extruder manufacturer.

The main MPP power pipe extruder PPR pipe extruder PVC pipe extruder production line polypropylene pipe extruder CPVC power pipe extruder 65 single screw extruder conical twin screw extruder PE pipe extruder production line silicon core composite pipe extruder PE pipe production line PE three layer coextruded line plastic pipe production line supply line supply Business.

Zhangjiagang Huade Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is PVC drainage pipe extruder, PPR cold and hot pipe plastic pipe extruder production line, PVC electric pipe extruder production line, 65 conical twin screw extruder manufacturer, 65 single screw extruder manufacturer, plastic plastic pipe extruder manufacturer, specialized production line of PPR pipe material production line, PVC Line tube extrusion line, SJ-75/33 single screw extruder, SJ-65/30 single screw extruder, SJ25-25 co extruding single screw extruder, and PVC, PE, PPR pipe production line, granulation line, profile line, one out four PVC pipe production line and various auxiliary equipment mixer, diffuser, crusher, tractor, cutting machine, pulverizer, etc. A series of auxiliary machines, such as the material machine.

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